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Swollen leg related to PFD?

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  • Swollen leg related to PFD?

    Along with the pain in hip and back from PFD, has anyone experienced swelling in their leg? My pain is on the right side, aching from the knee up, hip and back. For some reason my right leg from the knee down is swelling up. It's worse if I've been sitting with my leg down. I've gone to my internist and also asked the gyno about it being a blood clot, they say no, that it's most likely due to a broken ankle I had a year ago, but it's only been happening about three weeks. It's like, what next? Just wondered if anyone else had something similar.

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    I broke my ankle a couple years ago and now whenever it gets stressed, it swells up huge! It's miserable too.

    Also, I have high BP and when I haven't got enough rest and all, or been on my feet too long, then that leg and foot especially will swell.