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I should not have told her

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  • I should not have told her

    I have tried and tried to come up with a way I can afford to keep my tens and there just isn't one. Have left it off now and pain is more so that the vicoden isn't even helping at all. I told her about this and she chewed me out. I told her I didn't do the exercises or walking because I have all I can do to sit and I only got maybe 3 hours of sleep all together. She expects me to keep up with it all. She just doesn't seem to understand the Tens was a major part of the help. I won't see my Uro for two weeks and when I do I will have him call and tell her I quit. Will still go to her until then. Not about to argue with her over wanting to quit again but I just do not really want to see her or have her touching me. Why won't anyone understand when I say I am in pain I mean I am in pain?

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    Oh sorry she reacted that way, ugh. Maybe she was having a bad day herself or something. Not that it makes it right, but she might have had something going on or just a tough day herself. And maybe she really cares about you and hates to see you not being able to keep up with it all, etc. and it really upset her, thinking that you've been feeling bad etc. I know, wrong approach, but ugh, I get that way with my mom. I get a bit huffy sometimes when I know there's something I think she should be doing to help her out, it's out of caring that get crabby, ha ha ha. Crazy, I know - but heck, never said I wasn't crazy!!!

    Hope things have gone a bit better for you!!!!! Give them kittens a pet and cuddle - that can help!!!

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      mary if you want to quit, then do it, don't go back. do phone the office and allow them to takr your name for that time, If you are worse after, then it ,ight not be helping you;
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        I did quit and glad I did. She turned out to be snob of all things. she is skinny and can wear anything she wants. I'm fat and have the IC pain/belly thing so have to wear baggy pants on top of that. I just feel like crying everytime I think about her complaining about my baggy sweat pants. She was the first medical person to complain about how I dressed since I have gotten fat. Did have the nurse tell me my pants were zipped (back in the beginning of this I could still wear jeans ) but I had left them unzipped until I had to leave my hospital room. Was getting out from having the cloropactin done but told her because of the pain I was leaving them unziped until the last moment. She just laughed.