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Elec stim. Bio Feedback and PT

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  • Elec stim. Bio Feedback and PT

    I am getting ready to begin this treatment if the insurance will pay for it (approve to pay for it that is) Any feedback? Is it worth 6 weeks of treatment (once a week) I cant take any prescrip meds because I react so badly to all of them so I chose this option and was wondering about it if someone can shed light; Does it work? Is it painful? Does it make you feel worse then better? PLease please please let me know. Im nervous about starting this. Its a long drive to go to the office where Ill have it done and it takes some time to do it so I really need to know if its worth it. Thanks! HUGS!


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    I also react badly to many medications, but have found some which work well for me. If you have pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD), physical therapy could be an answer for you.

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      I have been having PT for about 6 mos and have had enough benefit from it that I would do it over again. I learned how to use a TENS unit from the PT and how to do stretches that help when the muscles are tight. I think it does depend on if you have pelvic floor issues which I did. The right PT makes a big difference too, I tried several years ago and it didn't help with pain but this one specializes in female PT and does internal work. I have flared from a couple of things we have tried but she just backs off and tries something else. It has definitely reduced my intake of pain meds which is a big plus, I am not sure how I will do once I stop seeing her, only time will tell. The PT will be able to tell whether you have PFD and the biofeedback was very interesting to see. I hope it goes well for you.


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        I believe it is working

        I am going through pelvic floor therapy, interferential stimulator and using vaginal weights that are used for urinary incontinence. It is my PT's theory that my urethral pain is somewhat due to urinary spasms and is having me use a retraining protocol by only voiding every 3.5 hours. I do not have a spasming pelvic floor (tested by bio feedback) but I cannot sustain any long holding strength attempts. I do not have a leaky bladder just a spasming urethra if my bladder gets a little full. It is her belief that if I strengthen the pelvic floor the spasms will stop. I have had 3 weeks of therapy 3 times a week and working on the exercises at home and it is helping.
        I also am taking 2mgs of valium at night, 300 mgs of Lyrica and Ultram for really tough days. I also have dyesthetic vulvodynia (general burning and irritation of the entire vulva) and it is getting somewhat better too.
        I highly recommend giving PT a real try!
        Good Luck!


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          Re: Elec stim. Bio Feedback and PT

          Did physical therapy get you guys out of pain... How long did you have to go??