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Kneeling chair helpful for PFD?

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  • Kneeling chair helpful for PFD?

    I suspected I had PFD for a long time, and a PT specialized in women's health was able to confirm this last month. I am currently working on progressive relaxation, but often the activities of daily living exacerbate my problems. One of these is sitting- even with a pillow and the IC cushion on top I notice that after about 30 minutes I have issues. Have people had any luck with a kneeling chair? It seems like it could be helpful, but I wanted to ask for input before I consider ordering one.
    Symptoms began: January 2010
    Diagnosed with IC: May 2010

    Began with burning during/after urination, frequency, urgency, urethral spasms. Recurrent UTIs since 2002. Pelvic pain.

    Current Rx:
    Glucosamine/MSM tablets daily (1/2 a 1500 mg tablet Kirkland brand)
    IC diet
    stretches/relaxation/sitzbaths/heating pad

    Used in the Past:
    Gepan Instills (Chondroitin sulfate) 1x/mo until Sept 2010
    Loratidine (Antihistamine)
    Tilidin (opiate analgetic not commonly prescribed in U.S.) as needed
    Cystoscopy w/Hydrodistention: May 2010 (found this temporarily relieved my spasms and urgency)
    Reside in Germany

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    I had one some years ago when they were a fad thing and you could buy one for less than $20. I was okay with it for short periods, but when I'm relaxing, I like to lean back. I'm a recliner addict.

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      Zero Gravity Chair at Relax the Back Store

      I agree wth Donna, I prefer reclining. I was thinking of buying that kneeling chair, but decided not to. I think your back would get sore and/or tired on that kneeling chair.

      The greatest thing I have found is this chair, called a Zero Gravity Chair. It takes all the pressure off your pelvic area. I thank God for this chair! You can get one online at Relax the Back store. I bought an outdoor one and use it indoors. It folds up so you can carry it from room to room and use in and outdoors. I got a black one, and it looks nice. Plus, I got this little tray that attaches to the side to hold my drink and and some food so I eat on it. It is a very sturdy chair.

      I like it better than the leather ones because those do not let your legs stretch out, like the indoor one does. I had a leather one which is way more money and ended up giving it away.