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    My understanding from the way my Dr. explained valium supositories, is they are to work locally, on the muscles in the pelvis to stops the spasams.

    He got his explaination from an article in a Dr's magizine, infact this is where he heard about valium sup and offered them to me to try.

    It is given at a higher dose vaginally than when given orally because it is less absorbed, but also works locally so should not have the neurological side effects oral valium has.

    I have been told as well that there are way more receptor in the rectum, so when a medication is inserted into the rectum a lessor amount of medication is needed, but it will go through out the whole body as it is in the blood stream.

    Now I have a question to ask I have a rx for this, first I was just given the pills to insert ( this doesn't work too well) then I found a compounding pharmacy and got it, but have not use it yet, I am saving it for bad spasams. But with strick following of the diet have they have become much less frequent. So i have not tried it yet, although I should have tried it the other day, it just was the spasams hit so hard and fast I didn't even remember I had them to use.

    Anyways I have lots of problems with urinary retention, do some of you use them for this and does it help because I have not had much luck with anything else helpping for this, and I would try one over the weekend to see if it helpped with retention. I guess I just had not read that it would help for that.

    Thank you MG
    My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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      Originally posted by callie0767 View Post
      if you dont mind my asking who did u get to prescribe you the valium supposotories? what kind of dr? ive tried all oral meds and not seem to work even oral valium but have asked about the vaginal valium and have been turned down. i have pfd and had some success with trigger pt injections and pt for 3 years. i now go to a diff pt and hour and a half from my home. thanks any help would be appreciated
      I went to see a pelvic pain specialist because when I have my period I have the worst time peeing. It's so hard to get the urine to come out so he said that if I used the valium that it might help to relax the urethra and other muscles. He originally gave me the RX for just the regular tablet and said you can put that inside your vagina but then I had read on the boards here that there are the suppositories so I called him back and asked if I could have those instead thinking that if I am supposed to use them during my period it might be easier to fumble around with a suppository rather than getting a pill up there. He said sure. I got mine at the walgreens, you can check on their web site for locations that do compounding. I paid $35 for I think 30 of them.
      I don't think they are helping at all though. I tried them this week because I was having some issues peeing ( had spotting and then the peeing issue came up again ) and I didn't notice any improvement at all. I'm hoping the pelvic physical therapy I'm starting Monday will help.


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        What strength are yours?

        I am understanding they need to be stronger when used vaginally than orally?
        My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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          Mine are 5mg but he said I could try 2 at a time. I think his theory is if my pelvic floor is in spasm that would help relax the urethra but I'm now not convinced that this is the case since I tried 1 and then tried 2 the next night and didn't note any change. He said it might work only during my period so we'll see.


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            I use the 10mg compound suppositories at night.

            A lot of times i break them in half and only use 5mg.

            My prescribing doctor is a chronic pelvic pain and chronic vaginitis specialist.
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            Current Treatments: Effexor XR, Gabapentin, Oral Valium, Methadone, Lidocaine, ice/heat packs, sometimes vaginal valium suppositories, Vicodin

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