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Pelvic Floor & IC - Quick Summary

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    Re: Pelvic Floor & IC - Quick Summary

    Originally posted by bjcov View Post
    If anyone knows of a good PFD therapist in the Eastern side of Washington State, plz let me know. Seattle is 4 hrs away from me so that wouldn't work for me.
    I live in ellensburg and go to Seattle for PT. Let me know if you find someone nearby


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      Re: Pelvic Floor & IC - Quick Summary

      The funny thing about PFD is that I recently had to go to a uro-gyno prior to being able to get fully DXed with the 10 muscle tears. This uro-gyno (who cofounded the International Pelvic Pain Society (IPPS) was convinced that I didn't have IC (his whole staff as well), but that I'd had PRF for 21 years. I just think this is highly unlikely, in my case at least. Other than the bladder pain and occasional hamstring tendon/hip pain, I've had a VERY HAPPY pelvis until it was injured! IN fact, it was my favorite part of myself. I couldn't imagine not being sexually active (I actually though that ceasing this activity for even a day would result in my immediate death from such trauma. But he insisted, and (rather condescendingly) told me, as I explained that I was having trouble suddenly urinating--since my two injuries-- as well as being able to move my pelvis forward or do so much as a crunch (I used to do 90 a day, minimum) that he understood, but knew the reason for this very well. Well, the reason was that I had torn my rectus abs at their attachment on the pubic bone and they weren't about to let me use them anymore for so much as a pelvic tilt. He finally consented to at least state that I had PFD as a RESULT of at least the labral tear, but his staff kept explaining to me that my IC DX was incorrect, and that it was actually PFD all along. Do most women with PFD for that long not notice it but feel extreme pelvic comfort instead or are able to have babies in 3 hours without stitches? I'm seriously asking these questions and not rhetorically.

      I don't doubt that PFD is quite real, and have now experienced it in rather extreme ways, and it's not pleasant. But it sure isn't how i felt the entire 2 decades of having IC.

      He also said something rather telling to me; after that first visit, I asked how people deal with the ego blow of a DX such as PFD. He said he had literally no idea what I was talking about. So, I as delicately as possible, told him that he had basically said that my sexual organs had been "dysfunctional" for a few decades, and that I considered that a major blow to the ego. He still didn't get it, so I just said, "OK, if you went to a doctor and they told you that your PENIS hadn't been properly functioning for 2 decades, would you feel it as a blog to YOUR ego?" Finally the lighbulb went off. But then he said I was the first woman in 30 years to have ever expressed such a sentiment.

      Maybe I'm really just that weird, but I doubt it. Do other women really not feel that way about PFD or any sort of sexual dysfunction? Because I was about to join an ED support group. To have someone call itno question your sexual virility, well, even with severe enough injuries that I couldn't stand up properly, I STILL was quite preoccupied with the idea of being told that my "junk" wasn't working. PLEASE, someone tell me I am not alone in this. That's a large part of a person's identity, their sexual capabilities and virility. Yet here I was being told that not only do I have dysfunctional lady parts, but that ladies aren't bothered by having their sexual prowess called into question. Am I just weird? I really, REALLY value(d) my sex life, and wasn't clear as to why I was supposed to view this differently to how a man would, apparently. It was actually how I was able to ignore my IC symptoms so well--I wasn't having anything that would interfere with "marital relations", absolutely not!

      In other news, this IPPS founder went from getting me in same day to not being able to schedule me suddenly for 2 weeks. I repeated that I'd had surgery, but was told that I didn't have surgery from HIM, and therefore I needed these orthopedists he seemed to have some grudge against. Not even a new script for pelvic floor PT, nothing. Basically, a huge bill and some rather snippy comments about me seeking treatment for my injuries elsewhere (He actually called my surgeons, who are top in their respective fields, "shysters"! "Sure, you can go and have some syhysters cut into you all you want, but your problem is still PFD!! And always has been!" He was really quite upset about the whole idea that other injuries can cause these symptoms.

      It was just all very strange....and he is considered one of the top in HIS field. Maybe he's just territorial?

      Sorry if that was a bit TMI, but I'm honestly very curious about this!
      DX IC (cystoscopy) 7/93
      Meds did little-nothing, but Paxil (98) calmed it down. (No longer on an SSRI; hate meds)
      IC went to "barely noticeable" status for years. (I put it on 'ignore')
      MAJOR flare 7/13 along with 2 injuries, especially the first, labral tear, right hip.
      Unable to urinate hardly at all with undiagnosed muscle tears (10) & labral tear Fall/Winter 13/14.
      Surgery successful for muscle and hip repair, 4/14. Researching the connection between hip injuries and pelvic/bladder pain as well as muscle tears: (just some helpful links)


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        Re: Pelvic Floor & IC - Quick Summary

        I've had success with most of my meds for at least 4 weeks into the med therapy but then it seems all heck breaks loose. So i'm hoping I get a tens unit tomorrow so I can take it home.


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          Re: Pelvic Floor & IC - Quick Summary

          I started pelvic floor therapy about a month ago has this helped anyone with their symptoms or sex life? I just want to have a normal sex life😔 was wondering if anyone found significant relief


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            Re: Pelvic Floor & IC - Quick Summary

            Hi mandee,

            I just started pft this week and was wondering if you have had any success since December with it? Has it helped with your IC?