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Pilates for Pelvic issues and IC

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  • sailawaygrl
    Good for you! I have tried pilates but it is too intense for me, it really does take a strong core. I can do some yoga but basic. Right now I practice what I learned from the book Healing Female Pain, they sell it here on this site. It has some dedicated pilates moves but I tried them once and I was in pain the next day. I think I will have to work up to them. It sounds like it would really be good to do pilates under the instruction of a physiotherapist. I would be much more comfortable if I could go to a class like that other than one at the local gym where they don't know of our special needs.

    Please keep us updated on your improvement.

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  • bladder
    started a topic Pilates for Pelvic issues and IC

    Pilates for Pelvic issues and IC

    Does anyone else do Pilates? My pelvic physiotherapist runs a class. She insisted that she help pelvic problems as we hold pain in and need to release/relax muscles. I have taken 4 classes so far. It is very intense. I have to modify some moves as they are extremely difficult as of yet. My husband even came to a class to see what it was all about. He was impressed with the workout and now understands has hard it is. I am going to continue with classes to strengthen my pelvic floor.