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Pelvic Floor Muscle Flare

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  • Pelvic Floor Muscle Flare

    Hi Everyone,

    I am having a pelvic floor muscle(s) flare up.. does anyone have any advice on how to soothe these muscles at home?

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    A series of gentle Yoga moves: Corpse, Goddess, Knee Down Twist, Pidgeon, ...... from the book,Ending female PAIN by Isa Herrera. I have been doing, at least a few, during my lunch break, and it helps relax the muscles. It usually hurts to get down on the floor and start the stretches, but it does help.
    If you don't have a place to get down on the floor, I know the book also has a chapter on Stretching at the Workplace.
    You can buy the book on the ICN Shop, at the top of the page.

    If I'm having a flare that was induced by having sex, I use a valuim, vaginally. And some times another, orally.
    Current Medications:
    Trileptal - MS
    Amantadine - MS fatigue
    Trazadone - sleep
    Elmiron -since March 2007
    Gabapentin - pain
    Citracal - osteopenia
    Vitamin D - deficient
    Valium vaginal - as needed
    Prelief - as needed
    Fish Oil


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      One of the most important things my PT taught me was how to get my hips back in alignment. When your muscles have shortened, it is really easy to get out of alignment--which then causes pain. I would recommend asking your PT a series of movements to get back in alignment. That generally works and sometimes gets me out of pain almost instantly, and sometimes it takes a few hours to get rid of the pain once I'm back in alignment--it all depends how badly I was out of alignment and how long I had been out of alignment.

      I also find lying down (straight on my back with legs extended--any other position gets me out of alignment) or having a long bath helps too. Deep breathing relaxes my muscles too sometimes.


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        Also ice helps for really bad flares and doing stretches.