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Vaginal Valium supp and fentanyl patch

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  • Vaginal Valium supp and fentanyl patch

    Does anyone know if the vaginal Valium supp can be taken w the fentanyl patch ? I've been on the patch for a few years now and has helped a lot my pain is less now thru trigger pt inj. And pt but not sure if it's down enough together off the patch. I've been wanting to try the vag Valium for years but couldn't find anyone to prescribe it for me. My pt says he knows a dr that I'll rx it for me . But Also will that affect my pain contract w my pm dr now? I don't really love him anyway but don't want to tick him off either any suggestions ? Thanks

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    Callie, i don't know that I would try fentanyl patch with vaginal valium. You might want to ask your doctor or pharmacist if these meds can be taking together.
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      thanks for the reply i was just wondering if anyone does.i hate the patch and its helped my pain so much so i can at least function but my pain is better now but not sure if i can g w/o patch but willing to try to try vag valium. id have to wean myself off the patch i guess and hope other pain meds work.


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        If you have a contract with a pain management specialist, you need to consult with him/her before adding something like valium.

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          Donna the problem w that is that he doesn't believe in pelvic pain he doesn't think pelvic pain exists so I'd have to go to someone else. I dont really like this guy anyway but tolerate him because other wise I'll have to go to Indianapolis which is one and a half hours away which I do anyway every week . May be worth it though


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            I agree with Donna

            I am under the understanding that if you break you pain contract not only does it mean that your PM Dr. won't rx for you, but it also goes in your medical records.

            So this can have some long streaching fingers in todays times of computers, you may not find another PM wanting to take you on, or you may end up at the ER and they see broke PM contract they may decided you are just a drug seeker.

            It is not about whether you like this guy or not but what could happen as concequences of it.

            He may not rx for you, but if you gives you the okay to get it from someone else then you are not breaking the contract.

            I maybe be wrong but I would not want to do anything which could limit my access to what ever meds I may need now or down the road.

            My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.


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              oh im well aware of the pain contract mg im not stupid thats why i want to do this careully. i would either break away from him totally to go to this other pm dr or maybe if he would let me but i doubt it go to him for the patches and the other for the vag assuming i cant take them together anyway . thats what i was asking on here if anyway takes the valium w the patch in the first place. i havent done anything yet not even talked to the other dr yet so havent decided what to do. in the 25 yrs ive had this i guess ill have to figure it out on my own.back then there wasnt support so i just winged it. im going to my reg dr tomorrow so ill ask her. i trust her opinion too.thanks for the response.


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                Update my dr says I can take the patch w the vag Valium since it's inserted vaginally . Her advice is to ask current pm dr if its okay to get vag Valium from this other dr and coninue pm w him since he's in town. So I guess next month I'll ask . Despite the fact I don't love him we have a pretty good relationship . So we will see what happens thanks all for the responses


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                  Glad to hear this, VV does seem to help lots of people.

                  Just FYI I was talking to a medical student and a Dr. who tests med students, I think their major test at the end of their education.

                  They were telling me that for many years when interviewing students applying to get into medical school that what they were looking for is students who had good makes in the Bachelors of Science, which they needed to apply to get into med school.

                  Now things are changing they don't have to have a B.of S. they can apply with other degrees for example a degree in computer sciences, they just have to have done well in what ever they took their degree in.

                  They are also looking for people who are well rounded not just educated in sciences, they look at life experiences etc.

                  The thought are they if some one is smart and has the aptitude, they can teach them the medicine part of their education, but they can not teach them the social and life skills they need.

                  I have had some Dr's with pretty bad bedside manner, but if they know their stuff I usually just ignore their personalities, unless they are condoning, put me down or don't believe what I say, you can't build a trusting relationship on those foundations.

                  It does take all kinds to make this world go round.

                  My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.