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What should a relaxed pelvic floor feel like?

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  • What should a relaxed pelvic floor feel like?

    I honestly forgot. I'm a male and I've gone for a few sessions of PT. I'm hoping it helps me with my symptoms overall in time. I just can't seem to understand what it is supposed to feel like in a relaxed state. Is this what is referred to as "baseline"? I tried to ask the therapist to either explain it or try to get me to feel it, but I don't think my question was understood. Or maybe I just didn't grasp whatever was explained. I tend to lose focus on things when being uncomfortably probed and vigorously/painfully massaged in the pelvic area by anyone wearing a white coat

    I have been told and I also feel that my issue is that I'm very tense/tight in the pelvic floor and therefore have the penile pain, urgency, etc. When I contract and release, I feel there is no release. I tried the "pelvic drop exercise" today. That seems somewhat the opposite of being contracted and tight, but it is a conscious effort to be feeling this and don't know if this is what I need to be working towards. I'm so confused and as my name says..."FRUSTRATED". Anyone else understand what I am babbling about here? Or have any tips or techniques to loosen up down there?


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    You could ask your pt for pelvic floor stretches to do at home. I still do them even though I haven't had any problems for a while now. I also took epsom salts baths to keep the pelvic muscles relaxed. Muscle relaxers may help if you haven't already tried them. The pelvic floor drop takes a while to get the hang of to consciously be able to feel the muscles relaxing. I never thought of it before but it is hard to describe to someone else. It feels like everything is released and lets go.