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Pt helps one symptom, aggravates other one

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  • Pt helps one symptom, aggravates other one

    After a fourteen yr remission I started having INTENSE vaginal itching. This was a symptom before remission. I thought I'd lose my mind. However, I did not have urgency and frequency. THANK GOD Good voids.

    Was sent to VV expert. Wrong doc; wasted a couple yrs with her. During remission thirty mg. of oral Valium held me. She gave me a five mg supp and wouldn't up it because she was afraid of addiction. I was off oral.

    About six wks ago I saw urogynecologist who did pvd evaluation, upped supp to two ten mg. and sent me to pt. First pt was a nightmare; was in agony for three days straight.

    Now seeing superb p.t. who had done initial evaluation. Love her. But her work has perked up urethral pressure. She's figured it out but says it's a fine line and itching and urethral problem on same system.

    Today was a train wreck cause I overslept and missed fifteen of forty five minute session. She was concerned that i'd have urethral reaction; I think she was doing more intravaginal work. And I am. Have heating pad between legs and hot baths helps. So does Valium.

    She's going to be on vacation for two wks and she doesn't know if I'll lose gains. She can tell which muscles are loosening.

    I am so depressed. As bad as the itching is, I felt like my bladder wasn't bad. Now I'm scared. And really depressed.

    Has this sort of thing happened to anyone else with pt.

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    Should add; I feel this in clitoris and have trouble voiding until it stops. Atarax, Elavil, make it worse. Anything drying which means I can't take a lot of meds.


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      My therapy helped my pelvic floor spasms but It kind of aggravated the urethra. I was very glad the spasms were gone but I really didn't like the effect it had on the urethra. I had that intense itching years ago and never knew what it was and back then the drs. didn't either. It's a maddening feeling for sure. It eventually went away and I have no idea why it did because all I did was soak in a sitz bath with baking soda or oatmeal twice a day, started taking probiotics, upped my B-12 dosage, and had some chiropractic adjustments. I hope it resolves for you. The itching was driving me crazy so I know what it feels like.


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        is your urethra better now? and what were your pvd symptoms?


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          Yes it is better unless I use an estrogen cream that's not hypoallergenic or a vaginal cream that has preservatives in it. My symptoms of the pfd were extreme cramping in the pelvic area and urinary frequency after sitting for too long. They felt like menstrual cramps. Therapy, pelvic stretches, warm baths, and Ativan helped. I had to make sure I didn't over do the stretches though otherwise I would get irritated.


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            what kind of stretches?


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              My pt had given me stretches to do at home for the pelvic area. They are also listed in Amy Stein's book Heal Pelvic Pain. This book has been mentioned here on the ICN site and I think but not sure is available in the ICN store.


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                my pt gave me exercises to do at home and also I do have Amy Stein's book. The exercises are to lengthen but also to strengthen pelvic floor.


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                  Regarding your itching

                  Hello andreamarie-

                  I am a physical therapist assistant that treats IC and Pelvic Pain and I also suffer from Pelvic Pain and Itching constantly as well. I have had itching on and off for over two years now. When I went to my specialist she diagnosed me with BV ( bacteria vaginosis). Since then I have tried to get my pH balance level as the acid in my body is what flares up this itching. Maybe you could discuss this with your Dr. If you have any questions about that or on what we do here for physical therapy I'll answer whatever helps you



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                    I do not have pelvic pain.
                    Only thing that helps itching at all are diazepam suppositories. Since they are a muscle relaxant it makes me think I do have spasm, tight muscles in pelvic floor. Neurontin was great for a while but now I've added Lactimal.

                    I am on a low acid diet and take probiotics. No doctor has brought up PH level. How do you control it.

                    Nurse P stopped pt because she said it was too irritating and also I was getting frightened because it flared urethra. I finally found a great pt. Doctor only wanted me to do it for eight wks. and then do trigger point injections.


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                      My cultures are all negative.


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                        I balance my internal pH with inserts called Rephresh that my Dr wanted me to take. They are over the counter and in the aisle with the monistat stuff. It has helped very much for the internal itching. I also use aloe vera to help with external itching instead of medicine. I used to take baclofen (sp.) and Valium, muscle relaxers, as well for my internal tightness. But have found that having the PT done weekly helps with this and I no longer have to take it. My PT does internal trigger point release therapy on me as I did not want to have the trigger point injections. I personally wanted to stay away from all invasive things being done to my body.


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                          I would like to continue with pt but it aggravated my urethra and I started having severe symptoms and was afraid of getting worse. I feel terrible because I have a great pt, although she said I could get worse instead of better.
                          NurseP cancelled PT cause doctor said eight weeks.
                          Using anything in my vagina is tricky because I have Sjogren's and extremely sensitive tissue. I have no imflammation on outer skin. Do you mean vulva area.

                          I'm ready for trigger point injections. I feel I can always go back to pt. I'm literally losing my mind and also stress from Nurse P isn't helping. I'm going to speak to gyn and pcp and see if they can get me to doctor. I use a wonderful compounding pharmacy so everything is as gentle as possible.


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                            Yes I use the aloe for the vulva area and the rephresh for internal itching.


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                              I rarely have inflammation. when I do i use a compounded cortisone cream that has natural additives.
                              Maybe you can help me with this: I had a severe flare after a p.t. (not mine) did a drill sergeant exercise session with me. She was only supposed to instruct me on how to do them.
                              I have chronic fatigue syndrome, am exercise intolerant and spent that day and next flat on my back. I also told her this. It probably was a coincidence but I wonder. My regular p.t., who is very gifted, was on vacation. I've only seen her about six times.
                              I haven't had luck going natural; I can't even use aloe vera on my face. I have Sjogren's syndrome and Crohn's disease. I also have excruciatingly sensitive skin; I have a filter on my shower because I react when there are surges of chlorine. I use a special spray on my face and after I void that has selenium in it. My derm gave it to me.
                              I do well with the compounding pharmacy. One of the pharmacists is able to leave most additives out of any creams, etc. I use.
                              Do you still have itching?
                              I did have a fourteen yr close to remission that started with menopause. The itching started after I had a severe case of shingles. Fortunately I didn't get the urgency and frequency back but the urethra started flaring with p.t. That's the same thing that happened with acupuncture