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valium supp peeing more help

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  • valium supp peeing more help

    I finally got some valium supp 10mg to help me with PFD and vulvodnyia .

    Ok used them 2x now ..... noticed first time right away I keep peeing more and more....... like I had taken a water pill. I wont be getting these refilled again

    anyone else have this happen to them ?

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    It's possible that what is happening is that the muscles in your renal system are more relaxed --- I suggest talking with your doctor before stopping any medication.

    Stay safe

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      supp only ordered as needed so I did not take anymore. I am emailing uro tonight and calling PFD MD anyways for update my uro he will know

      I did read on here 2 other ladies posted same thing. This was just after one supp oh boy


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        emailed my uro and he responded back with no medical connection with the valium and peeing more he had no answer for me said it did not make sense.


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          I was rxed them to help make me pee easier, I have IC and retention. I also take as needed, but told to use am/pm if retention gets bad, most of the time they work well.

          The theroy I was told was they help relax the Pelvic floor muscles and reduce spasams, which is supposed to help me pee easier.

          If I take it at night I ussally am up more in the night too pee.

          Funny that different Dr's understand it's working differently.

          Works for me, I guess it's all about what you need it too do.

          My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.