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Concerned about symptoms following treatment

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  • Concerned about symptoms following treatment

    Hi, I'm really looking for any help/reassurance as I'm very worried about symptoms following procedure for IC.

    In a nut shell I had a cystoscopy 5 years ago where they stretched the bladder lining because of suspected IC. Seemed to work well and I had no symptoms after the op. 9 days ago I had a cystoscopy again where they again stretched the bladder lining as my IC symptoms had reappeared. I also had a laparoscopy at the same time to treat mild endometriosis.

    About 3 days after the procedures I found my IC symptoms returning but far far worse. The consoltant has told me they are normal but I am doubting him. Can't sleep as so worried. So, if anyone has any similar experiences post op could they comment? Symptoms are:
    -wanting to urinate all the time - bladder never feels empty
    - feel like I am going to wet myself especially when walking
    - every time I move I feel the need to urinate
    - feels like there is urine sat constantly in my uretha trying to come out.

    Would be so grateful for anyone's thoughts/experiences as feeling quite down about the whole procedure now.

    Thanks in advance x