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  • Hydrodistention

    Hello All. I am scheduled for a hydrodistention this Thursday. My uro/gyn assured me it would be "low- pressure."
    I suffer from major anxiety and panic attacks. My appt isn't scheduled till late in the day.. 4 pm!! I feel like the whole process is going to be mentally taxing. I am just trying to figure out if the 30% chance of therapeutic effects is worth the process, not to mention the out of pocket cost.
    I have never ben under GA before so that is also keeping me up at night. I know some of you have had great success but I am just so lost. I have gone back and fourth about doing it or not doing it. Any feed back would be appreciated

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    Re: Hydrodistention

    I think it's good that your doctor is agreeing that the procedure will be low pressure. I have read that the percentage of people who see improvement is closer to 50% --- I am fortunate in being a part of that group. I have had this procedure over forty times in my 42 years with IC --- and have experienced relief for anywhere from six months to just under two years. More recently I have gone somewhere around 18 months before the symptoms return. To me, it's worth it --- I usually go to the surgery center fairly early in the day, have light anesthesia, and am home for lunch and a nap. Since they do low pressure, it only takes a few days for me to feel back to normal.

    I don't recommend hydrodistention as a first treatment, but if you've tried other things without success, it could be worth a try for you.

    Warm hugs,
    Stay safe

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