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IC & Hysterectomy (should I be worried)

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  • IC & Hysterectomy (should I be worried)

    I was diagnosed with IC eight years ago. I spent three years listening to the doctors, taking their recommended drugs, going through their procedures. Nothing helped, it only got worst. I finally took it upon myself and got hold of every book I could find on healing myself naturally. I am happy to say I have had my IC under control for a little over two years now. The only time I can not cope is when I am menstruating. I can't work, walk, eat, I mostly just crawl to the bathroom to throw up from the pain. Not to mention the bleeding. I am interested in getting a partial hysterectomy, but terrified what it will do to my IC/bladder.

    Has anyone else had good or bad experiences with having a partial hysterectomy years after being diagnosed with IC??

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    Re: IC & Hysterectomy (should I be worried)

    I can't answer your question --- I had an abdominal hysterectomy before IC --- but wanted to say to the IC Network. I do know that symptoms can vary with hormonal changes --- are you working with a gyn to try to resolve your menstrual problems?

    I have had both open abdominal and laparoscopic surgeries in my 43 years with IC --- no bad experiences.

    Sending gentle hugs,
    Stay safe

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      Re: IC & Hysterectomy (should I be worried)

      Definitely talk to a gyne since you might have something else going on such as endometriosis, or the condition that causes adhesions in the uterus (i forget what its called)
      So definitely talk to a gyne to see if something else is going on and that can be managed without major surgery.
      Have you tried hormone therapy such as contraceptive pill (not just for contraception since it can help a whole host of medical conditions) to delay your period to help the pain?
      Definitely talk to a gyne and see about other ways of dealing with it and getting to know why it hurts so bad.
      Hysterectomy of any sort is major and long term issues can arise from it.
      Just be sure to know all the risks and benefits of it.
      Have dealt with chronic pain and gerd/ibs since '98 endometriosis, vulvodynia diagnosed 2000, ic diagnosed around 2004, chronic epstein barr-like virus 2011
      Hysterectomy/oophorectomy 2014 endo had destroyed everything
      Now dealing with recurrence and menopause in late 30s
      Other things--migraines, chronic hives, eczema, raynauds, congenital scoliosis, broke 3 vertebrae in middle of back when i was 16, heart defect (ventrical septal defect)