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Bladder Dialation/Augmentation

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  • Bladder Dialation/Augmentation

    I had Bladder Dialation.......or Augmentation, and found it to be wonderful. Because they use a scope my insides felt like I had been beat up for a couple days but my "frequency" was cut down to normal frequency. I used to go to the washroom 20 times a I go every 3 or 4 hours. I personally had a wonderful experience with this procedure and highly recommend it for frequency anyways.

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    Glad it went so well for you. I will be having one done on April 16th. It isn't more first but I am just as nervous as if it were.
    Interstitial Cystitis Stomach problems
    diastolic dysfunction
    vascular insufficency of left leg
    pelvid floor disorder
    bread cancer - 5yrsl. remission
    swollowing difficulty
    lots of doctors
    lots of med.

    Keep your eyes on the Lord and he will direct your paths.


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      I just want to clarify the difference between dilation and augmentation. In dilation they slowly increas the size of the bladder by means of filling it up with fluids- in effect they are stretching it. When you have an augmentation done, it is big surgery. They actually increase the size of the bladder by adding on to it using a piece of your intestine. When I had an augmentation they took away most of bladder and using a piece of my intestine (the ileal cecal segment) they made it larger. Judith


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        Hi Judith 56: Bladder Augmentation sounds like a good surgery. I will keep that in the back of my mind for the future. Thanks.


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          Thanks for making that correction between the two procedures!!!! Shelby, augmentation is actually pretty tough surgery and only to be explored after ALL other more conservative therapies have been tried.

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            Hi Jill, I don't doubt that Augmentation of the bladder would be a tough surgery....really tough........but it is still good to file in the 'ol memory bank if and when all other avenues are explored and it is not suggested to me, I can ask about it or pass on that knowledge of Augmentation to someone who is in a worse state.


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              Just a word of caution about the augmentation surgery. I had it done and while it did increase the sizer of my baldder because the base of my bladder was left in the IC then spread to the whole newly aumented section. 8 Monhts after the surgery I had to get the bladder out. This is a common problem for many with IC who have that surgery.