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Bladder prolapse and scared

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    I want to post about my doctor appointment and Interstim implant.

    I have been put on a 3 month waiting list for a trial Interstim. The specialist I saw tells me that not only will it help with my IC pain, he said it would help with my chronic pelvic pain, my back pain and help my bowels. He said i am a good candidate for the device.

    The doctor at the Pelvic Floor Center in Minneapolis tells me basically I have nerves that are miss-firing and they are sending messages of pain to my brain. He says that these nerves some how start sending the wrong message.

    I have PFD and CPP, my exam hurt but went fine.

    I do not want to wait the 3 months if it will help me with all of these areas of pain.

    The doctor tells me my Burch or what he called 'a bladder vault suspension' is still intact, he believes my bladder tack is also holding.. He doesnt want to go in and operate or remove the scar tissue. He says i am at the age where i should start menopause so when that happens the endometrosis will stop growing.

    I had POP in 2002.

    This doctor is going to try to set up some PFD pelvic floor PT : ) I live in Rural ND so this part may be difficult to get a PT with pelvic floor experience to come here. Diagnosed with PFD on 5/25/12.

    I also had a bladder scope and the Dr. gave me some peridium s.p. to numb the bladder and an Rx of seems to help some.


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      Originally posted by maryla View Post

      This happened to me too when I was 26 (I'm 53 now) I had what they called back then an A&P repair on my bladder and rectum and a hysterectomy. The same thing happened I was trying to go swimming one time on my period and because everything down there was coming out. I tried to put in a tampon and there was just no why it was happening.

      I'm also really, really tight in my vaginal area, but still I had another bladder sling put in again about 3 yrs ago. I don't really get it either. You bring up a good point. I'm going to take this question to my pt when I see her in a few weeks. I'm starting to leak a lot again? hang in there! Oh our crazy bladders!!!!

      Hugs and blessings
      According to my doctor, the reason for the fall out is because the ligaments are slack or stretched and no matter how tight muscles are, the ligaments can only be corrected surgery. I asked the same question. I could crack a nut with my keigel muscle. :-) but i am having surgery for cystocele, rectocele, and pro lapsed uterus next month. How's the recovery for someone with serious IC and vulvodynia?
      IC diagnosed 2006
      Prolapsed bladder, uterus, rectocele

      Interstim implant