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Has anyone had a Hysterectomy/bladder repair?

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  • Has anyone had a Hysterectomy/bladder repair?

    My Dr. is considering a hyster/bladder repair. I have had 6 kids and she thinks that I need my bladder lifted back up as well as a hyster. I was wondering if this surgery will make my IC worse or if it might help a bit. If anyone has had this done with IC I would be curious to see how it affected your IC. I am not interested in this surgery if it is going to make my IC worse in the long term.

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    I had a vaginal hysto so no problems there. About 9 months later I had the bladder suspension and that's when the out of control pain started from my IC......but, remember, we are all different.

    tons of hugs~
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      I also had a vaginal partial hysterectomy and since then my frequency has worsened but I still do not have pain. I actually had the hysterectomy because they thought my frequency was due to a fibroid pushing on my bladder. They found out it was IC later on when my frequency got worse.