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taking out the bladder

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  • taking out the bladder

    hello guys,

    i wanted some info on bladder removal and if that has much success. I am really thinking about taking my bladder out but want to be shure that iI won't feel anymore pain. If somone out there has thair bladder out I would really like to know how you now andf do you have better life???

    thanks Antoinette angel

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    I had my bladder out ovver 17 years ago and I do not regret doing it. I didn't really have pain, my main problems were frequency, urgency, and incontinence. I did have urethral pain though and as soon as took out my urethra the pain was gone for good! Not everyone who has their bladder out for pain has good results. From what I have learned talking to others, it seems to me, though there are no case studies that I know of, people who's main symtom is frequency seem to do better. I do suffer from really bad infections that I need to be hospitalized for,but for me it is well worth going in the hosptial every couple of months that having to live every day with IC. I am able to live a normal life, I work part time, raised two sons, am happily married for 25 years.I originally had an ileal conduit, that is wher you wear an external pouch to collect the urine. I now have an internal pouch, that is where I have a resivoir internally that holds the urine till I put in a catheter and drain it. Hope this helps. Judith bunny


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      I'm like Judith in that I had my bladder removed and I have an internal pouch too. My surgery was last Dec. My symptoms were pain, frequency, urgency, and retention. All of my symptoms are gone now and my life is so much better! I'm even in the process of losing my ic tummy! I have been getting uti's, but they aren't severe. I would have the surgery again in a heartbeat. Good luck.
      Take care, Julie grouphug
      "Don't sweat the small stuff."