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Going to be having more surgery-IC HAS spread

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    To all that have posted today under this section and other sections I have a few things to say. First - Yvonne, no apologies are needed - I understand the torment of IC, but thank you for your kindess, as you are the only one who has had a kind word for me today....thank you. On another note:

    Please let me again state to everyone that thinks I "attacked" anyone in my postings, which I really dont appreciate all the terrible negativity that has been put my way through other postings out here (i.e., to those that are NON supportive....cant say something nice...type of wordings I've been reading all day off and on on some others postings) - Let me again state: I did not and do not and will not EVER say a bad/mean/spiteful thing to anyone on here. Every one of us with IC experience every emotion known to a human being - I would never say anything to hurt anyone - thats not my style and those that know me - know that. So if someone has read my posts and thought I was being "nasty" or "negative" then please re-read them. Teri - Donna - Jill - Pam - you all KNOW me - I wouldnt do that to anyone out here and I've been through more than I can handle as well - just like many of us out here that suffer with this awful disease. It makes my heart and soul VERY sad that people who really dont know me since I've been off the boards for a bit would even THINK that I would intentionally hurt someone by a posting or by a question. Perhaps I was questioning for my OWN medical perspective - but no one seems to have thought of that - everyone has just assumed that I attacked our sisters that have chosen BRAVELY to have their bladders removed. I feel very very sad right now and could cry that I've been violated that way - and thats how I feel. Like I have not been violated enough by numerous doctors, Social Security (btw- this renewal for SSD is even worse than the FIRST go round after 18 months of - but I cannot for the life of me understand why such negative things have been put forth upon myself by others out really hurts because not one of the newcomers know me or what I have been through personally either. Very few on here know what depths I've been through as a "vetran user" and being on these boards for so many years.....

    I'm just very deeply hurt right now...I came back on for the first time in months, being able to actually sit down for a bit and wanted to come back to talk to my sisters and FRIENDS that I've known for these past few years...yet I've come back to something completely different.....

    Guess I was wrong to come off to the shadows I'll go again. Did anyone even think that possibly I might need support myself at this moment, which is why I came back on??...I guess no one thought of that before they posted throughout the boards today not mentioning me by name, but the implications were there......thanks - I feel so much lower now than I have in a long time......I think I can handle the pain of IC, Fibromyalgia, Raynauds, Lupus, Migraines, Pelvic Floor Disfunction, Urgency/Frequency, Painful Sex (when I'm able to have that..which isnt often), severe IBS, spastic colon, rectal bleeding beyond control, Graves Disease and all my other conditions MUCH easier than I just handled all the slamming I just received on this board after my extended absense for ER surgery (cut from sternum to pubic bone), my husbands surgery, my mother and fathers illnesses which have kept them housebound and me to take care of them - my uncles severe heart attack 3 days ago - my children who are constantly sick with weird illnesses and all the doctors I had previously that never believed me when I was first dxed for the first 3 years of IC hell...

    I feel so much better now dealing with all of the above vs. the slamming I just got on here......thanks for the great welcome home.