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taking the bladder out

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  • taking the bladder out

    thanks girls,

    I know it is a big step but the pain is soo much and it seems like the only way out but my doctor discourage me from having the surgery and tell me that I just might end up with still my bladder pains but is is nice to know that there are some success and I am happy that it has worked for you girls and I will continue to think long and hard about this. I would really like to her more who thair bladder taking out it would help me out alot. Thanks once again

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    I also considered having my bladder out, as severe pain is my major symptom. I elected not to do it, as I believe the nerves are damaged and was worried that the pain wouldn't go away. Most here have said that the bladder removal was more for urgency/frequency. I went for 20 years in pain until I finally found something that helped. I'm on 25mg of nortriptylene at night. It's been a miracle for me. I've also tried Elmiron, Vistaril, and a myriad of other things. So, don't give up until you've exhausted all the options. LDS