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  • Pelvic Floor Reconstruction

    Has anyone in this group ever had pelvic floor reconstruction done vaginally? The procedure has been recommended to me. Thanks

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    Hmmm I have never heard of this. Why are they doing it, is it because your PFD is really bad? Or is your PF just really weak? Sorry, you've got my curiosity peaked here. Lots of luck, hope someone can answer your question for you.

    Hugs and luck,
    Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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      I also have pelvic floor dysfunction with a prolapsed bladder and urethra. What is it that you are going to have repaired? I have an appointment Dec. 19 (yes, 1 month away!) to speak to my urologist and set up a surgery date to have that repaired. What is it that you are having fixed and are they doing it vaginally or abdominally ? Please let me know....Tina


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        I am supposed to have everything done vaginally and was told it was two days in the hospital, I could drive after a week and not lift for 4 weeks. The procedure includes a hysterectomy and then repair of a cyctocele and rectocele ( I think). Anyway, everything is prolapsed and the pressure of everything is on my bladder and that makes me feel I have to pee all the time. Let me know more about your plans. Thanks Ratchada