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bladder wall???

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  • bladder wall???

    Hi All

    I had a chat with the nurse today i had a scan and had thought i was going to have to catheterise myself due to not emptying!!! well seems the residue is tiny!! which is goodnews!! However she mentioned having the bladder wall looked at through a camera?? I had a quick peep at the notes and saw a word beginning with T, tebacious?? or somthing along that line!! dont know what it could be butjust when it sems we are getting closer then somthing else pops up!! I guess they are eliminating stuff??



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    I don't know what the T word could have been but it sounds like she is talking about a cystoscopy. It like a catheter with a camera on the end and they can insert it and look at your bladder. It's more accurate to visualize the bladder wall when the bladder is stretched out like with a hydrodistention. I have had many cysto's with no hydro though, they are not really painful just a little uncomfortable. Good Luck!!



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      I don't know what the t word was either , but I agree with success it sounds as if they are going to do a cystocscopy.
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        Hi Deb
        Could the 'T' word have been 'trabeculae'? These are rod-shaped structures of fibrous tissue which are sometimes found on the bladder wall.
        Love Angie


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          You might consider starting an IC notebook. You can use it to keep all of your medical records in this notebook. Everytime I go to the doctor to have a test, procedure or surgery, I always request to have a copy sent to me after the doctor does his write up. It is amazing what information I have discovered that is not communicated or perhaps is but when so much information is given I do not digest it all.

          I always ask for a copy of my xrays and sonograms at the time of the procedure so I have my own copy to tote with me when I bounce from Doctor to Doctor.

          Just recently, I went to a pain specialist to discuss the pain in my right pelvic area. This has always been called "Referred Pain" from my bladder. His nurse and nurse practioner were very thorough in discussing exactly where I felt pain. I did not even realize how much my back had been bothering because the pelvic pain always seemed so much more severe.

          After this Doctor looked at my xrays that I had brought even though they had not requested I bring them, he noticed a slight bulge in my discs and asked if I had lower back pain. I was amazed that he felt this was a legitament complaint and then I proceeded to tell him how awful it was but it was of little concern to me in comparison to the pelvic pain.

          Alas, after three epidural pain blocks on my lower back, I can walk normal again.

          So it might be in your best interest to request your own copy of your medical records. They will have you fill out a request in the Doctor's office and then usually send them to you within a week. I enjoy reading them, and then researching the medical terminology. I feel like I can be better equipped in helping my body get the care it needs because of this.

          Best wishes on your seach for better health.

          Sweet thought,