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IC/Hydronephrosis/ureteral stricture

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  • ICNDonna
    I am not familiar with anyone who has had hydronephrosis, but it does sound like you have explored your options before making a decision. Fluid retained in the kidneys can be extremely painful --- I hope this will be resolved by the surgery.

    Sending healing wishes,

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  • Iwona
    started a topic IC/Hydronephrosis/ureteral stricture

    IC/Hydronephrosis/ureteral stricture

    I am desperate for any advice from people who have
    or had simular problems. In april/2001 I was diagnosed with IC, took Elmiron for 6 months, which seem to help, but also made me lose
    10 lbs. in this short time. September/2001 I started getting severe abdominal pains and was given new diagnosis after CT scan of having left
    Hydronephrosis. Jan/2002 I had cystoscopy with
    Left Urethroscopy, during the procedure they noticed I have stricture in my left ureter. Stent was placed for 2 weeks, but did not resolve the problem. Since the surgery was not sucessful now I am told that I need another surgery which would
    require resection of the ureter and reattaching it to the bladder by making a new opening in the bladder. I was told it would be approximately a twelve-week recovery time if there are no complications. I got second opinion, which confirmed what the first urologist said. I am still having a lot of abdominal pain, I had hoped to avoid surgery, but every time I have a test it seems to show something new. I am 36 years old and have never had this many problems until recently. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.