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    (I've moved this from another message to it's own. - Jill )

    I am at home and starting to recover after nerve surgery on my neck. Until I got the final biopsy, the doctor thought it was 50-50 chance of nerve cancer. The problem was with the nerve endings in the area where I had my pre-cancerous pariod gland removed 3 years ago. Surgery was June 31.
    I thought I was going in for simple surgery, using valium and a local anesthesia. The doctor made one cut, looked, and called for general anesthesia as he told me this is NOT at all what the scan had shown. Luckily, I had given full permission to work on the right side of my neck; and he had carefully done the pre-admit for full anesthesia, if needed. He was one surprised doctor when he talked with my husband. And to think: we had a second and third opinion before we even considered the surgery.

    I finally can type with my left hand. Have run low grade fever off and on. This has not been easy, and the recovery seems long and tedious.
    My IC bladder has not held up well Post Opt. Had to have yet another instill this week. Talk about agony--try instills after neck surgery. At least the urgency and frequency have improved. Now if the darn spasms and pelvic floor pain will stop. . . .

    When the cath came out, there was one night I went to the bathroom 50 times. Have lost 15 pounds--10 of which I didn't need to lose. Most of us tend to forget how awful this disease can be if there is another condition that requires major surgery. It is eased only by excellent, caring doctors and family.

    Hubby has tried to work and take care of a wife sick on two fronts. All messages and concerns would be appreciated. I have missed y'all.

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