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Looking for anyone who has had Transurethral fulguration or resection of ulcers done

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  • Looking for anyone who has had Transurethral fulguration or resection of ulcers done

    Ok, I'm looking for anyone who has had this done and advice about it. For the past 2 hydros I've had the doctor said it was really a mess in there. The last one he said took him 20 mins just to get all the blood out. The pain is really driving me crazy right now and I need some relief from something but have tried it all but this and having my bladder removed. I don't want to have my bladder removed because of what seems to be an easy way of getting an infection and I already have chronic cystitis with my IC and kidney stones. So, I'm looking for other alternative. BTW, yep, I've tried the interstim. I've got one and while it works good for frequency and retention it does nothing for pain. Also when my pain level gets above the stim level it stops working till I get my pain level down.

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    I have had fulgeration, but not for several years. It seemed to help. What my uro did was to cauterize the most inflamed spots.

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      Donna, exactly what does it feel like? Is it much more painful than the hydros? Is it done as outpatient like hydros or do you have a hospital stay? How long of a recovery does it take? Normally when I have a hydro I'm up and at em at work within 3 to 4 days. How long will it be until I feel like that again with this procedure? I would like to be kinda informed about this before taking it to the uro.


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        I had a fulgaration about 6 weeks ago of bladder neck and urethra. The day surgery was not bad. They gave me good painkillers in the hospital and I felt great that day, thought it was really easy. Since then I've been in some pain, similar to what I was having before the procedure, particularly after getting up at night. Before the surgery doctor told me some people feel better right away. Day of surgery he told my husband 5 weeks to recover. When I went in Monday for 5 week follow-up he said it could take 4-6 months to completely heal. He said a burn takes a long time to heal underwater. So at this point I have no opinion if it was worth it or not. The pain has never been excruciating but walking distances or riding in a car are more than uncomfortable. He just told me to take more ultram.
        I guess in a few months I'll know whether it was the right decision or not. Sorry not more helpful. I haven't had a hydro in many years but for me that procedure was worse in the short term than this.