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  • Ileo Loop

    I am considering having an ileo loop operation (leaving the bladder in place) for severe urethral and bladder pain from IC. Has anyone done this, and what were the results?

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    I had my bladder out in 1986 and was given an ileal loop. It gave me immediate relief. If they leave your bladder in you may still have the symptoms. Judith


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      Whiteshoe-my brother had an ileat conduit ( I believe that's what it is called) about 26 years ago. No pain for him now-but he's been on and off so many meds for infection.

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        hELLO! I had My Ileo-loop Done It 1984. It is where They Took some of the Intestend and Made My loop! But I have always Heard that They Remove the Bladder Before they Make a ileo.

        Now before I had that done they Make me A cecum-Cysto Plastic Bladder. Which is Part Intestine and Part Bladder. I I stiil get Infection, Cause They Called a "Hostiel Bladder"" Or IC germ. Eats through Any thing In Its Site. It is Like the IC Grem That Has Taken Control Over Your Bladder Will take conrol Anything in Its Way.

        But IC effects Differnt People In Differnt ways. Mine was Real Bad!! REAL BAD.

        Anny questions Let me know I will try to help you out


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