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  • Surgically cut nerves

    I would like to hear from you if you have had nerves surgically cut from your bladder. I am scheduled to have this procedure done soon and I would like to hear how others have responded to the procedure. The doctor will cut two nerves that go to my bladder to lesson the pain. Please respond with your personal story.

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    Hello,This is wierd I was just wondering if that was a possability.I have had a nerve cut in my leg/hip before and thought about exploring this for my bladder.WOW!! This would be nice if it worked for pain I would love to try it.I thought if they can trick the brain with Interstim they could do this as well.
    Thanks for confirming this. I hope someone knows more on this subject I too would like to hear more on this.Take care, Zookeeper Kim
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      Will the procedure be done by a neurosurgeon?

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        Thank you for responding. The surgeon that will be doing the procedure deals with reproductive medicine and pelvic pain. I'm not sure if it is the best thing for me to do or not.


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          By any chance is the procedure called a denervation? I had that done years ago to help with my feelings of urgency and frequency. Unfortunately it did not help me, I think maybe because there was so much wrong with my bladder. I hope it helps you. Judith


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            Can you isolate the right nerve(s) to cut without cutting into muscles. Nerves may regrow. Would botox used first help?


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              I've tried some "pretty far out there" things but this one I'd get a lot more info on. And I've sure learned not to try something if I have any doubts at all. I always insist on hearing from someone who actually benefited from the procedure first too so glad you're asking. I'd be afraid if they start cutting nerves, that I might end up incontinent.

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                While I never had the nerves cut to my bladder, I did have nerves to my uterus cut. The procedure is called "Uteran Nerve Ablation". They cut four nerves on either side of my uterus to help control pain, as I suffer from a uterus condition that caused me extreme pain (bedridden). It's not an uncommon procedure, done by a gyno, and is not guaranted to help. In my case, it helped releive the pain by about 60 - 70%. In my case, it was considered successful. They do not cut all the nerves, as the nerves also hold things in place. I had the procedure done 2 years ago. I cannot imagine why it would be any different for the bladder.

                Hope this sheds some light on this topic.


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                  Palmer: I'd be VERY careful about this if I were you! Insist on talking with some other IC patients who have had the procedure done; did it help, and what were the side effects if any. How many times has he done the procedure? Get at LEAST one second opinion from an IC specialist before you agree to something like this! When I was first diagnosed I had SEVERE (as in bedridden) IC pain and the Dr at a highly regarded pain clinic here in Boston wanted to cut some "nerve fibers" in my pelvis to relieve the bladder pain (hopefully). He made it sound like it was no big deal, and very low risk, but after I questioned him closely, he admitted 1) He'd never done the procedure for IC before, and didn't know of anyone else who had either; it was used for "pelvic pain", but not specifically for IC, 2) there were NO studies indicating whether or not this procedure might actually help me, and 3) there was a possibility (he didn't know how great) that I'd end up incontinent, unable to have an orgasm, or both! Needless to say I did NOT have the procedure done! I think that sometimes Drs either see us as Guinea Pigs to practice on, or else they just start grasping at straws because they don't know what else to do for us; even though they may have good intentions. I'm not presuming to say that you shouldn't do it, just do your homework first, and don't assume that your Dr has done his! PS I ended up choosing a combination of medications, pelvic floor therapy, accupuncture, and nueromuscular reeducation, and have had no bladder pain for almost three years (knock on wood!) No matter HOW bad your pain is now, don't let it push you into doing something damaging and irreversable until you've tried other approaches... beth_s


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                    Hi! I had that surgery done in 1981. It is called a S2 nerve Block. It did not work on me. I then had to self-cath for a year before they did 2 cecum-cysto-plastic Bladder. Which is Part Bowel and Part Bladder. Then After that I had my Urostomy. It hurt me, It did not work on me. Talk to your Dr. Get the Facts okay. You are in my Prayers.


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