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  • bladder repair

    My urologist says it's time to repair the bladder. He will take some of my bowel and place a patch over the part of bladder he takes out. At this point I am up for anything. I have been living on pain meds and it is out of control. Having lived with this for 18 years now I want to just get rid of the pain. He says most everyone he has done surgery on is very happy with it.
    Has anyone else had this done? It is fairly new surgery. Please give me some feed-back if you have had it done. Thanks so much Sandie

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    I had something called an augmentation cystoplasty years ago. My urologist took out almost all of my bladder,just leaving the base of it and then replaced the rest with bowel. Iin essence he rebuilt my bladder. Unfortunately the IC then spread to the entire new bladder and 8 months later I needed to have the whole thing taken out and was given a urostomy. Hopefully what your doctor is talking about is something different. I would ask to speak to some of his patients, especially those who had the surgery several years ago to see how they are doing. The other qusetion to ask is how many of these has he done? I hope it works for you! Judith