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  • burning!

    Hi everyone. I haven't been diagnosed with IC yet, but have had urgency to pee and burning feelings for about 3 weeks, pretty much unresponsive to antibiotics for a urinary track infection. This is the 3rd I've had in a couple of years and usually they sort of go away. I read about IC on the web when my doc said that if this course of antibiotics doesn't work, it will be necessary to look into IC. I have ben consuming great quanitities of cranberry juice but I also read that it is acidic and maybe not a good idea if you have IC. Do you guys have a lot of burning? What in heck causes it? Good to know I can write to others. Thanks for you replies.

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    I'm glad you found the IC Network. Hopefully you'll find some answers here.

    First of all, if there's any possibility you might have IC, get rid of the cranberry juice. We usually call it the "acid bomb" and I don't know of anyone with IC who can drink it without irritation.

    I suggest you look at the Patient Handbook (It's on the pull-down menu at the top of this page) for information on diagnosis and treatment. The handbook contains diet information and other self help tips for anyone with IC.

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    Stay safe

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      hi vob;i want to welcome you to our messageboard.we are like a family.we help each other ,we will understand you you you aren't alone anymore.donna was right about reading the patient may even want to copy some things to take to the dr with you if you dont have the hole is good to read about ic and learn what you can,i just want you to keep in mind before you get all upset that it may not be could be other things.your dr will have to get you an appointment with a urologist to do the test,,it will all take time so just hang in there and i will hang in there to.pray to god it may not be ic .you need a hug keep in touch dee dee
      dx'd i.c in 96,too many treatments and meds to remember before badder removed in 2000.pain returned..has since been on roller coster of narcs ad other things..3 suicial att..went into hosp to withdrawl from sooo many narcs and wt. got down to 85lbs....came out eating small amounts ad keeping them down..the only pain med was ultram 50mg q 6 hrs..and gabapintien sorry..can spell..600 mg q 6 2003..nowin 2006-ive had mesh pulled from myvaginal walls 3 timesso pain is severe again but also in rectum now..had to add hydro/app q 4 hrs.!!!but i still pray there is hope..i just need o find it.