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Bladder retention???

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  • Bladder retention???

    Hi All

    welll i had acystogram x-ray this afternoon!! the good news is that there is no sign of any reflux!! but even when full to the brim my bladder didnt empty fully and there is a residue!! so what now i am waiting to see the urologist at the end of the month!! any ideas on what cau
    ses this and how do they repair???


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    I retain, and I'm not sure what kind of meds are out there for retaining. I have the InterStim and that has helped. Good luck with your urologist appt. Do you have IC?

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      I retain also. but on any meds for the retaining. Hope you feel better soon.
      Hang in there , There is hope.
      There is hope. Prayer works.

      Love, Debbie


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        I also retain sometimes and I know the worst thing to do is try to push it out. I always did that, I would strain and get another little drop out and it always made it worse. I take flomax when it bothers me and that helps me. Flomax is usually given to men for their prostate but it helps me, valium 2mg 3 times day also helps when this bothers me. Good Luck!!



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          I have retention also and struggle with it for a few years. Some days are worse, some days are better. I can't empty my bladder completely and it takes a few trips to the bathroom to empty it. Retention causes a lot of pain. Doctor prescribed to me Bethanecol 10 mg. I have to take it three times per day. It helps to restore rhythmic contractions of the bladder and helps it empty. This drug helps to empty bladder better but doesn't help with pain at all.
          What really sometimes helps my retention is hot sauna. Just 10 minutes in sauna and I can pee better next day. Why sauna helps I don't know?
          Perhaps, it relaxes some muscles.


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            When a med says "may cause retention" it should have "teri" after it. IF it can, it WILL. I did have to learn to self cath and I am so glad that I did. I was afraid for so long and I suffered way longer that I had to. I NEVER empty. I had surgery done a little over 4 years ago and my uro ordered a scan to see what was in my bladder because I was screaming in pain. Well, the machine showed my bladder was empty and I told the nurse if she didn't cath me NOW, give me the damn stuff and I will d it myself. They cathed 800cc's of urine so I guess the dang machine can't properly read if the bladder is full. From then on the orders where changed and I was cathed as needed.

            acystogram x-ray I'm sorry but I don't know that that means, do you mind explaining it?

            Thanks a ton blink blink
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              hi..i have IC for 9 years and have struggled with urinary retention. I had the Interstim device implanted in June and have to admit that it is the best!!! I still have IC pain and have to have my Interstim device reprogrammed at times. That is the worst part but it truly has helped the retention but not the pain issue..T scream ina C


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                I am going to see a nurse on Monday who will show me how to self-cath!! I am not emptying and have been in real discomfort!! I am going to try it anyway even if to keep the infections at bay!! they dont know whty i am not emptying but have said they may do a urethal dilation?? under a general. have you heared of this and its successes??




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                  Cystogram X-ray

                  ia were they cath you and fill you with a chemical and dye which goes into the bladder and hilights it!! they then x-ray as you void hense they can tell if there are any leaks or residue.