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Marshall-Marchetti Bladder Suspension (sling)

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  • Marshall-Marchetti Bladder Suspension (sling)

    Almost 10 years after the fact my uro tells me today that when they were doing this procedure (don't know if they still do them this way) they would stitch the bladder to the neck of the urethra.....WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Totally explains why I've been in all of this pain since the suspension Good news, it's fixable. Bad news, 15% go back to leaking urine. Good news, there is a good possibility I could thro my caths out for ever. Bad news, my urethra is so shot that there ain't NO BODY EVER GOING NEAR THAT THING AGAIN banghead banghead

    I can't believe the way I used blind faith with dr's wanting to slice and dice me. That blind faith is GONE and every stinkin' thing that I have tried to make this IC tolerable has left me in worse condition each time and I'm thinkin' that I can't afford to be left any worse than I already am.

    If you are having problems, if you are leaking urine and your dr is talking about a bladder suspension, PLEASE find out how he plans on doing it because you DON'T have to have it stitched to the urethra neck
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    That's so sad. No wonder people file suit against them, but it won't help us now. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I've had doctors make mistakes myself. I wonder sometimes if it isn't some character building Karmic thing. What I do know is that a lot of the bad things that happened along the way got me to here, and I wouldn't want to have missed things along the way to here On some days that's got to be enough for me. ..sanctuary
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