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  • BT2008
    Coincidence or Synchronicity?

    Marsupials: The group of mammals commonly thought of as "pouched" mammals, like the wallaby and kangaroo.
    An interesting tidbit worth sharing:

    Since making the decision to have my surgery, I have been reading through all of the threads in this section to glean all the info I can get--and I have learned a great deal about a lot of different things. But, I must admit, the following is one I didn't quite expect!

    Last Saturday I bought some hairspray when we went to the grocery store. I have used Aussie hair products for many years, and this time there was a cute little purple stuffed kanagroo wrapped around the can. Beyond a passing thought about whose child I could give it to as a toy, I didn't think too much about it. Until, that is, I was reading through some of these threads that very same night and ran across this one!!

    Reading this a mere few hours after unwrapping a little purple kangaroo of my very own, was truly "one of those moments" where you think ... Whoa...!!

    So, Coincidence or Synchronicity?

    Either way, I can't help but take it as a good omen, and although I am not particularly superstitious, my little purple kanagroo is now my Mascot/Good Luck Talisman!

    Ah...the wonders and mysteries of life...

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  • Kara29
    That cute!

    I have never thought of that but it sure is fitting! Wouldn't that be something to tell people you have a K(angaroo) Pouch. I may just have to borrow the term. I'd like to watch thier faces with that one. Judith, it must have been easier than trying to explain an Indiana Pouch...It's cute!


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  • Judith56
    When I first got my ostomy I used to say I was a kangaroo.

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  • SrMaggie
    started a topic Marsupials?


    I just read a list of terms on the medcafe which called folks with pouches - marsupials. Now that helps to inject a little humor into a tense situation. I kind of like that.