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My Urethra has to come out!!

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  • mum43
    thankyou amy

    Hi amy,
    Thankyou for the kind thoughts, I looked on google and it says it is a major op, and a whole lot of other stuff.
    I am lucky to have my husband, he has just put the washing out on the line and is hoovering up now.
    He never stops, he's done the dishwasher load and the house is clean and tidy.
    He does a better job than me lol
    I am not feeling too well today and am having a problem cating, the urine is a little thick and is taking a while to go through the catheter.
    I will be glad to get all of these tests over with and the second op done.
    The mitro is very leaky and sore today and my belly is swollen.
    So I am going to rest and maybe sit in the garden today.
    It is a glorious sunny day here in Kent UK!!

    Take care
    Love Jill xx

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  • ihurttoo
    I have not had this done, but I think it is called a Urethrectomy. (not sure if I spelled that right.) But, if you want to do more research on it, you might try googling that, and see if you come up with any information that way.

    I wish I could help, but this is just out of my element. But, Kara, Judith, Lesa, (and the others) really know their stuff, and I am sure they have been/will continue to be great sources of information.

    I have been following your story and want to wish you the very best of luck. I hope that this surgery will bring you relief. You have been thru so much, you sure do deserve to have a wonderful outcome!

    Also, I want to tell you how wonderful it is to hear how supportive your husband has been thru everything. That is one GREAT man you have there. But, I know that you know that already. But, tell him for me that if we had awards here for "Wonderfully Supportive Husbands", I am sure that he would be a winner! Please tell him how much we appreciate how great he has been to you. It makes me feel alot better knowing that he is there with you looking out for you.

    Sending big hugs from Ky,
    Last edited by ihurttoo; 04-20-2007, 03:49 PM. Reason: forgot to add something :bonk:

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  • mum43
    Thankyou for your help Kim
    What am I like !!
    I cannot think straight at the moment, there is a lot going on at home right now.
    My cat is due to her kittens any day now too
    Take care

    jill xx

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  • vm
    I moved it for you - this is in the bladder removal board now.

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  • mum43
    sorry I think I posted on the wrong thread !!

    Sorry I should have posted the previous message on bladder removal,
    Thats what you get for talking and listening to music at the same time as writing a message.
    I don't know how to move it to the correct forum.


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  • mum43
    started a topic My Urethra has to come out!!

    My Urethra has to come out!!

    Hi everyone,
    I was just wondering if anyone else other than Kara29 has had a bladder removal and a removal of the urethra and the nerves?
    As you may have seen on my other posts, I had a cystectomy 5 months ago and have had problems since.
    Because I have no bladder control, I need to have my urethra out and the nerves cut to help with the leakage and sharp pains I get all the time.
    My neobladder is working ok,which is good news, so I know that will stay in unless any more complications come to ahead.
    I am quite nervous about having another major op and wanted to hear of other people's experiences.
    Does' this op have a name? How long does' the op last? Finally has it worked?
    I have had answers from Judith and Kara(thankyou) but still need to know what to expect.
    I am in so much pain and wet myself all the time, my urethra leaks and bleeds also I have to have my Mirofanoff made longer and wider, any thoughts on this too will be appreciated.
    Thankyou for reading yet another post from me!!

    warm hugs to you all