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  • Surgery but, not Bladder Surgery

    hello everyone,
    Its been a while since I have posted. I just recently recovered from having my uterus removed and let me just say i know im not 21 any more. It has been 4 weeks and i still feel like crap. I wanted to write to you all and thank you for support I was going to go in and have the bladder removed. I had posted several questions in regards to it. I had to go to a gno appt. the same day i went to my uro to set the surgery date (i was scared to death). The gyno found that my uterus was pulled and right on top of my bladder. Please keep in mind i have had cystograms where my uro says i am at 28cc. in compacity. My pain over the last several months has been horrible. my gyno sugested removing the uterus before the bladder and see if that gave me more room in there. well i thought what if that was true??? could i make it a few more years with my bladder?? he also told me if i remove my bladder the type of surgery i wanted to have. they would take my uterus for placement of the bag. (internal pouch) So i Thought about it and went in and had surgery a week later. the first night was the worst pain ever. the morphine drip did not help. the next day they tolk out my cath. i walked around and about 1 hour later i felt i had to go they helped me in and put a bowl in the toilet (sounds odd hu!) it measured my urine when i went. Can you Belive i went 5 1/2 oz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost jumped up and down i was so excited. 2 hours later i went in again and went 8 oz!!!!!! yep he some people dont know the luck they have. I was so excited. i have not went that much in 7 years! also i went over 2 hours without having to go!!!! since surgery it has panned down a bit. but the pain i had before surgery is gone!!! i just got my pathology report back and my uterus had a big cyst in it. i dont know if that was some of the problem or not. I dont feel completly recovered from ic i still go allot but, i can atleast hold it for 1 hour now!!! that is a big step from every 10 min. I wanted you all to know i appreciate all the nice notes i received on the bladder surgery. your thoughts and experiences really help all of us. who knows maybe my bladder has a little more room mayble i can keep it for a while and try to have some bit of a life.
    take care and thank you all again
    Jodiii grouphug

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    I am so excited for you!


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      How wonderful!!!!!!!!! I am glad that it is working. I had a hysterectomy last year and takes a good 6 weeks to feel like yourself again. A wonderful web site is If you haven't been to it, check it out! Judith bunny


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        That's great Jodiii! It is so wonderful to get some relief. Others don't understand how even just a little bit helps. Maybe as your body heals, you'll be able to hold more and more. You made a good decision.
        Take care, Julie grouphug
        "Don't sweat the small stuff."


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          Hello Everyone,
          Thank you for your wonderful notes. They make it feel a little better. I had the surgery about 4 weeks ago. i am starting to move around pretty well and only missed 2 weeks of work. to bad it wasn't to be in Hawaii!!! I just wanted to note that i have shrunk up a little. but, going from 28cc to 4 1/2 oz so far is still a dream come true. i have slept through the night for the last two weeks. I even had a dream. I dont remember the last time i had one of these. Ya know its weird how people take some of these things for granite and we are in awe when it actually happens to one of us.
          Take care all of you
          and thanks for your notes
          Jodiii hi


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            Hi Jodi:

            That is such GREAT news; I'm thrilled for you! Can I ask you a couple of questions, though? Firstly, how come your doctors didn't know about your cyst beforehand, and secondly, can you keep us posted as to your recovery over the next couple of weeks? I'm considering a hysterectomy myself and would like as much info as possible. Thanks in advance and congratulations on getting some much deserved relief!!!!

            Best wishes,


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              I am so happy to hear of this news! I hope you continue to have pain free days in the future.

              Best Wishes,

              "Never take, I don't know how to help you as an answer."

              [email protected]



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                Hello Everyone,
                Sorry to get back so late! to answer the above question. the doctors did not know until they went in and toke the uterus and had some test ran on it!!! I feel that it was cystat. i was in a trial study with it and the side effect was cysts. i got one in my mouth that was removed one on my leg. and one on my neck. they were the outcome of trying to help my bladder. I would deffinatly have the uterus removed. They say that the bladder and uterus share some of the same muscles. so when the bladder got hard. the uterus was pulled on top. (that sounded a little weird) sorry. Anyway i feel wonderful. the pain is still gone. i can hold it longer. and no more visist from aunty flow. i hope i awnsered your questions if you have any more please feel free to email me at [email protected]
                thanks everyone for your support

                I have slept through the night for 3 weeks yep heeeeeee


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                  I am really happy for you.

                  I'm glad everything went fine.


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                    hi What great news!All the Best luv Sandra grouphug


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                      My dr. told me after a hysterectomy it can take 6 months to a year before your 100% back to your old self. I am glad it took some pressure of your bladder. When I had mine it took alot of pressure off my bladder.


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                        Jodi, what type of hysterectomy did you have? Was it vaginal, or did they open you completely up, or laproscopic?? I am scheduled ot have a laproscopic hysterectomy where they only make three small insisions one in the bellybutton and two on each side. Did they take your cervics also? They want to take mine, but I don't feel comfortable with this. Also, did they take your falopian tubes? Thanks for any info you have!!! I am really scared about this because they said because I am on a duragesic patch they won't be able to control my pain following surgery. Hmmm, not looking forward to that!!


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                          Marcie and Cheries, just want to point out this post was from 3 years ago and that was the last that Jodii has posted, so she may not see this and answer it. Judith