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  • in pain and discouraged

    hi there all my support friends, thanks for all the great response that i have recieved from the letter that i sent out on having a bladder removal surgery, i am still undecided as to what i want to do as far as the surgery, i did find one thing out that was quite interesting and that was that everyone that responded to my letter, was overwelming glad that thay had the surgery, so i will continue to do as i have been doing a lot of research and talking to each and everyone one of you for your input on this subject, please continue to stay in touch, and any input that you might have on bladder removal surgery, my surgery would consist of my dr. taking some of my intestines, and making a new bladder from that, please let me know of any over the counter meds, any particular foods that you eat, any kind of assistance you recieve such as help with meds, i have applied for disability, aprrox. 1 year ago, and still have not heard anything, please any feed back that you might have, and or any questions that you might have that i could answer for you. again thanks for all of your support, caring, and prayers, ic is such a misunderstood disease. thnaks patsy banghead

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    Hi Patsy,
    I do not have to watch what I eat since my bladder was removed.I do make sure I eat lots of foods rich in potassium as with the internal pouch you lose potassium through it, so my potassium level tends to run a bit low. I have other health problems not related to IC so I am on a lot of different meds. I have health insurance through my husband's work, with out it we would be in deep debt from all my medical bills. I do get disability, but it doesn't amount to much so I also work part time. I have Medicare through disability, but it only covers inhospital stuff and then it doesn't cover much, so I never even use it. I think you are being very smart in gathereing as much information as you can. When I had my surgery over 17 years ago there was not much info available, let alone people who had the surgery done for IC! I found one other woman, but she wasn't too helpful, so I went it alone and had to learn by myself. The only OTC med I take is black cohosh which is an herb. I had a total hysterectomy in 2001 and have menopause symptoms, so it is for hot flashes, etc. I can't be on HRT since it interacts with one of my meds.I wish you the best of luck. Please keep us informed as to what you decide! Judith bunny