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question: uti and incontinent urostomy?

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  • question: uti and incontinent urostomy?

    i used to have mild IC, although i didn't know it. And because of that, i wasn't careful about what i did with my body. Now i am in chronic pain and am trying to find out as much as i can about this disease.

    I am NOT considering bladder removal but would really like to know as much as i can about all aspects of this disease. I have a question that popped in my head about an incontinent urostomy....

    is it possible to get a 'uti' from intercourse if you have a kock pouch with a catheter in your urethra?

    i read the urostomy guidebook and it didn't say.
    this question is related to the fact that i am very afraid to have intercourse and have not yet had sex ever since IC became a major problem. (my frequent UTI's in my early twenties were the eventual cause of my IC.)

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    Hi Vixie, welcome to the board. To answer your question, first off I need to explain how the different types of urostomies work. With the incontinent one- you have an opening called stoma on your stomach and it is covered with an ostomy pouch or appliance. You never put a catheter in this type. The opening is located far away from your vagina so intercourse is not a problem. For many women, when the bladder is removed they also remove the urethra so there is no way a UTI can happen from bacteria going in there since it no longer exists. With the continent pouch also called a Kock or Indiana pouch you also have a stoma or opening, that is usually covered by either gauze and tape, or some other specially designed covering. This opening again is usually located away from the vagina, either on your stomach low down, in the bellybutton or someplace that the surgeon feels would be good. After the healing process is over you do not keep the catheter in there. It is only put in to drain urine several times a day, just like people who have to catheterize themselves to urinate. I hope this explains it for you.