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Trouble viewing posts on Cystectomy???/Rant about extreme pain

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  • Trouble viewing posts on Cystectomy???/Rant about extreme pain

    There are only 3 threads I see under bladder removal. Are there more which you need a password to view? I am not sure how the posts exactly work.
    I have had ic for 12 years and I feel this could be my last resort. I have an interstim which is not helping. I want to get my husband on board with me having a cystectomy or at least a urinary diversion for a while to see if the bladder will calm down. So researching other's stories is very important right now. Does anyone know what perectage are successful?
    I am immobile on weekends. Even being immobile, laying on the bed, I ache and ache SOOOO bad right now! It is a living nightmare. I just hope constantly that no one comes to the door. The neighbors do not get it. It seriously feels like no one does. I got a denial letter for my pain pills from my insurance yesterday so I have to pay for them now. I took a pill and a half and if I take any more it would knock me out. I do usually get some relief (not always) - like 4 hrs. a day from MS Contin where I do laundry and everything a quickly as possible!!!! I can barely move enough to shower at times though and cleaning my car went out the window. So I rinse it a but just went I can't see out the windows but it retakes ALL I have in me to do it like once every couple months in summer, less when it rains. I feel extreme pain and my brain hurts from getting no rest from the pain nerve signals. (I have a 9 year old now who I feel so bad for since he is stuck doing video games all the time due to my immobility. I did not picture raising him this way. 😔 I am grateful to have a child. It was always my dream. At the same time I feel that it is very important to assess you capabilities before having a child. I think I was blinded to a lot before I became a mom. ) I have had such a severe case from the beginning the posts on this topic never scared me but gave me hope. If it was to help, I would feel I wasted a Tom of the last 12 years.

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    Re: Trouble viewing posts on Cystectomy???/Rant about extreme pain

    Oops so many typos. I just wanted to get something out there because I am depressed and want so badly to have a life like I did in my early 20s before this or even a life I could do normal things in. On the last line I meant, if a cystectomy helped me, I would feel like I wasted a ton of time the last 12 years. I know it is not an easy decision. I hate hearing I am too young. I know it can't be taken lightly. I do not think that even needs to be said really. Who would take it lightly? I feel that a lot of people do it basically because it's between that and giving up completely.


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      Re: Trouble viewing posts on Cystectomy???/Rant about extreme pain

      If you go to the forum and scroll down, you'll find "Thread Display Options" --- under that is the place to set thread options --- I suggest "from the beginning."

      Let me know if you still can't see them.

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