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    Originally posted by tormod View Post
    Hi! I just wanted to post something again. It’s almost two years since my neobladder surgery now. I am trying to stop using an alarm clock to wake up in the middle of the night. I now wake up by myself when I need to go. I need to see if I actually keep waking up, since I probably cannot last an entire night without leaking, and I also need to avoid extending the bladder size.

    My main problem these days is fatigue. I had hoped that it would improve over time, but it seems to get worse. I am able to cope at work but evenings and weekends I am exhausted. I am not sure if it has any relation to IC or the surgery, but my doctor is adamant that this is a typical outcome after so many years of terrible illness.

    Apart from that, I consider myself healed from IC and live happily with my 500ml neobladder.

    I have a friend whom I met at a IC coping course at a local hospital. She is going in for a neobladder tomorrow. I hope everything goes well for her.
    Have you thought about having a sleep study? I was having a severe sleep problem and had a sleep study done --- what I found is that I have severe sleep apnea --- when I had the test done, it recorded an average of 74 incidents per hour. I now have a bipap machine (similar to cpap) and last night I averaged 3.5 incidents per hour --- and I no longer go to sleep trying to watch favorite TV shows. It really has helped with my fatigue.

    By the way --- thank you for the update --- I'm so glad you're doing well.

    Stay safe

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      Thanks Donna, but the problem is not sleep but that I need to empty the neobladder once at night. I used an alarm clock at 3:00am for almost two years, but recently I find that I wake up when I have to go. Which is very nice as it feels more natural and not so «forced» as with the alarm.
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