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    Hurricane, Biloxi and stuff....


    Yeah, Biloxi is not good looking at this point at all. They have not really made a great deal of progress since Katrina...but it's a slow process. Aaron and I hope that with him working on 1LT salary and my little substitute teaching, we are able to pay off student loans, buy a house soon and have a baby within the next couple years. .

    Thank you for sending your thoughts. My husband and I have the best support system in the world! Our families live really close and we will be moving in the near future with the Air Force or for Aaron to go to graduate school at a more competitive engineering school (he is an Electrical Engineer in the Air Force).

    We were talking and it seems like we, as a couple, have been through more than most do their entire lives. Read on:

    1. August 2005--Hurricane Katrina, I had just met Aaron and we had two dates together before the storm. Then, the Air Force made them leave without choice so they did not remain for the hurricane unless they were on the control center. That year, he was not.

    2. October 2005--I was hospitalized with a severe case of pyelonephritis. That is a complicated kidney infection. I lived about 70 miles away from where Aaron was living and we frequently visited each other, had dinner and then had to go back home. I lived at that time with my grandparents because I could not work full-time because of being ill all the time. During Aaron's trip from Biloxi to Mobile, AL where I was hospitalized, he totaled his car. I thank God that he was ok and walked away from the accident. Yeah, this took a little while to get resolved, but he now has a nice 2003 CRV with all the perks...leather seats, sun roof, etc.

    3. November-December 2005: Right after Thanksgiving, Aaron was deployed to Afghanistan and we only talked on the phone maybe three times a week because access to the DSN phones was so limited. Every chance he got, he called me or his mother just to say I love you. This was hard because even though what he does never really puts him at the front lines, it still has more danger than being here in the U.S. His job when he was over there was to fix a communication problem on base. Remarkably, we praised God because Aaron came home on Christmas Eve and we DID NOT miss our first Christmas together.

    4. February 14, 2006: My grandfather (who is like a father to me) had a stroke while he was on a business trip to Memphis, TN. Thank God that he's mostly back to his full-self now (he retired and is working part-time just because he hates sitting around)...not because they MUST have the money or anything.

    5. May 2006: Aaron underwent surgery for a deviated septum. He had some serious complications. Firstly, he bled ALOT more than most do with this surgery. We called the ambulance twice for him to be taken to the ER with a nosebleed so bad that we could NOT stop it. The third time it happened, they admitted Aaron through the emergency room to the hospital. That third time, they had to cauterize a vein because it burst. He was severely anemic and I stayed at the hospital for three straight days while he was on Morphine for the pain. They had packing up his nose (he refers to it as a giant tampon) and he had to wear it four days.

    6. December 2006-Again, we were separated because Aaron got deployed to Afghanistan to fix a problem over there with the communications infrastructure. The orders were written for 120 days and there were no promises he would make it home before April 2007. Surprisingly, the team (which I am bragging here--that my husband led) solved the problem in less than 24 hours. They were then sent to do some "other" assignment that really was not in the definition of an RDF engineer. So, I prayed and prayed and everyone around us did also. He arrived back to Biloxi where we live on December 22 and made it home for Christmas and our first set of holidays being married. I don't think this deployment would have been so bad except that where they were located, there was ONE phone that sometimes worked...and everyone wanted to call, so I heard from him once a week...MAYBE. It was the most miserable two weeks of my life, I think. I worried constantly because I got no email and no phone calls. I began to worry that some Air Force people would show up and tell me something terrible had happened to him. But, thank God he came back completely fine, tired and missing me like crazy.

    7. January 2007: I was diagnosed with IC this day after having a bladder cystoscope and hydrodistention. I read for some people that this is therapeutic, but for others it made theirs worse. I think that's what it did to me. My pain specialist switched my Lortab to Percocet and they work much better. I am now in the hospital with a staph related infection in the Cocci family. I am getting good pain relief, at least. I'm getting 1-2 Percocet 7.5mg every three to four hours and on top of that, every four hours I am getting an I.V. push of Demerol-50mg and Phenergan-25mg. Aaron and I are really glad we know what I have is something and it's real. For a while, I was beginning to think I was crazy and the pain was all in my head.

    Anyway, please keep Aaron Chen and me in your prayers. He is the MOST WONDERFUL husband alive, but I know that a person can only take SO much before that makes it impossible to reverse. He says he's happy in our marriage and is never going anywhere. Forgive my insecurities because Aaron told me that if he could never make love with me again, he would still stay married. He is that wonderful of a husband.

    Hope everything is ok in your area.
    Diagnosed in 2007, but had IC symptoms since 2002. My current regimen includes: home instillations of Marcaine, Heparin and Solu-Medrol plus vaginal valium suppositories nightly. I also use Tramadol for pain as needed.