These have been the hardest two weeks of my entire life, I think, or at least it seems so now. For four years, we did not know where my chronic pelvic and back pain was coming from and have the Interstitial Cystitis diagnosis. Somehow, I thought things would be better once we knew what this was, but it seems they have gotten worse.
Ever since the procedure to diagnose this, my bladder has decided to function whenever it feels like it. So, now instead of spending these precious days with my husband and family, I am stuck in the hospital on a catheter. It’s really SO depressing. The worst part of it all is that as of yet, there IS NO CURE for this disease.
It means the bladder wall/lining has broken down so much or is irritated so much that ANYTIME urine hits it (when any urine gets in there), it burns, hurts and is just plain uncomfortable. To add to all this—this week, I became dehydrated and have two positive blood cultures for some kind of septic bacteria in the blood. It almost makes me wonder, what the heck is going to happen next.
Please keep Aaron, our families and me in your prayers. Aaron has been wonderful. I could not have prayed for a better husband in this time of need or anytime. He is ALWAYS there for me, regardless of how tired he is or how stressed out he becomes.
We also need prayer for the Air Force Force-Shaping Board. They are convening and will announce the 39% of people that will be cut in Aaron’s class year from the Air Force. Yes, I do hate the TDY’s and when he’s away, but it IS a secure job, at least it was. I, personally, don’t feel that Aaron will get cut because of his variety of experience (two trips to Afghanistan, one to Japan, Korea and one to California). All of these trips were for essential communication systems that needed correction. We both know that if he is cut, it was in God’s plan and are trying to accept it. We also know that God will provide for us and open another door for Aaron’s career if he closes this one.
We just ask for prayer on this and my health. I had wanted to finish my master’s degree, but because of illness and this new diagnosis being out of control, I have had to drop out yet again. It seems like I have been *trying* to go to school at least half my life or longer. Thank you for all your prayers.