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  • Cystitis Cystica

    I just had a tumor removed from the trigone region of my bladder. I still have yet to get the biopsy back but the doctor is almost sure it's normal b/c of my age. He said that it was most likely cystitis cystica...has anyone had this before? From what I've read frequent irritation can cause it so I am suprised I haven't heard more about it on here at all. Hopefully getting the nasty tumor out will help calm some things...
    Dx with IC sept. 2005
    elmiron, pyridium, daily abx, detrol LA, instillations

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    I had patches of cystitis cystica in my bladder this winter when they last looked at it with a cysto. I've read conflicting reports...some say it's from chronic irritation...infections. Others say it shows up in normal bladders. I do know that I also had it in my bladder during my first flare years ago (and I also had a confirmed UTI then) before my wonderful remission.


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      Re: Cystitis Cystica

      Hi I read you gad cystitis cystica I also have this but don't understand what it really is. I have frequency urgency and pain ....can you tell me what put you in remission as I am having bladder installations which I helping but only last a week!!!