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Need to go for a Ureteroscopy

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  • Need to go for a Ureteroscopy

    Hi, as anyone had a Ureteroscopy done? My Uro is sceduling one for me. My CT scan showed something up by my left kidney. She said it could be nothing (she explained to me about an overlapping of some sorts) or could possibly be a tumor? The thing that really scared me is when she said there is a risk involved of damaging the ureter and kidney...yikes! And then mentioned the stent...yick!

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    I had a Ureteroscopy to remove kidney stones. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be(especially since the Uro used Marcaine so that my bladder wouldn't spasm). I didn't need the stent so I can't tell you anything about that. Good Luck with your procedure!

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      Aleet7, thanks!, I am not looking forward to that stent, it sounds like the worst part...hopefully it will only be in for a couple of days!