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Mitrofanoff and bladder denervation

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  • Mitrofanoff and bladder denervation


    I don't have ic but a severe emptying and storage dysfuncion of the bladder and uretrha.
    The cause of the bladder issues is my underlying disease which is a severe chronic motility disease (proper peristalsis is not there)

    I have now been offered the option of getting a Mitrofanoff, along with a bladder or maybe even pelvic denervation in hope that the pain will subside and the bladder capacity increase. This would enable them to use the bladder as a simple storage organ while creating a Mitrofanoff channel for catheterization.

    Has anyone heard of or had these procedures done?
    Also - anyone who has a Mitrofanoff - do you know if the jejunum can be used instead of the bowel segments usually used for the construction? For my bowel issues use of a jejunual segment would be better.

    Total removal or augmentation of the bladder is rather risky with my bowel isses but a simple Mitrofanoff procedure would not work due to the pain and the little capacity.

    Also, did you notice any change in bowel habits after the procedure?