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    I apparently have IC and I also take Diovan for high blood pressure.

    I wonder if my blood pressure medications increase my urgency/frequency symptoms. My general doctor says the Diovan has no diuretic effect buy my urologist is not so sure. Is there anyone out there who has taken high blood pressure medications and had them adversely affect their IC symptoms?

    Thank you.


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    I take Lisinipril, it has no effect on me.
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      I take Benicar and it doesn't bother my IC even though it does contain a diuretic.

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        I have been taking a low dose water pill for about six - eight weeks. In the beginning I did not notice any change in my IC symptoms and I was actually in a pretty good remission. Then i took Crestor for my cholesterol and it seems that sent my bladder into a tailspin. I only took it for two days. Now I am having trouble getting back to neutral... I was in a flare that was barely manageable until last Thursday when it became unbearable. Sunday I had brief relief for the day so I thought I was on my way out but today is unbearable again. I am not sure if it could be the water pill but I did take it for quite a while with no effect. And it is a very low dose. I should mention that frequency has never been one of my main symptoms and still isn't that much of a problem even on the water pill. I am just in excruciating pain. I am hoping to be able to go on a vacation next week with my husband but at this point it's not looking good any suggestions to help this flare? Or any comments about the water pill causing pain?
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          Re: High Blood Pressure Medications

          I am not familiar with Crestor but if it is a pill you take once a day it takes 7 days for all of it to get out of your system.
          So this could be why it is taking a while for the flare to clear up, 7 days for med to clear your system and then time for bladder to recover.
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            Re: High Blood Pressure Medications

            I used to take Spironolactone and it definitely had a diuretic effect x
            27 y.o mother of 2 in the UK.

            Bladder problems since the age of 17. Recurrent UTI (thankfully none since the Dec 2012 UTI which triggered these symptoms off) and my GP strongly suspects IC, had ultrasound and awaiting diagnosis via cystoscopy and hydrodistention.

            Symptoms are - painful bladder, frequency and urgency, bladder spasms, urethra pain "twinges", pelvic pain, pressure feeling in bladder.

            Tried - Ditropan (did nothing but no side effects either - took for 4 months), Vesicare (didn't work - caused retention) Magnesium and Calcium (did nothing - took for 1 month).

            Currently trying - Probiotics, PH balance, Cod Liver Oil and, D-Mannose before and after intercourse, ****** ********* method for reducing risk of UTI, Contraceptive Pill for my PCOS and cycle control. I mainly follow the IC diet and also elimination diet.