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BioFeedback through the rectum?

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  • Claire_A
    You can have the biofeedback done through vagina or rectum. Some find it more comfortable through the rectum because the vestibule and vulva is just too sore. I have not had it but I have had internal pt through the rectum because of my tailbone pain. The hope was that it wouldn't flare up my vulvodynia like vaginal work does. It didn't flare the vulva pain but I couldn't sit properly or poo or pass wind without pain for 4 days (rectal pain). The biofeedback isn't pressing on anything though so I cant imagine it flaring anyone. It wasnt that that flared me it was the trigger point work.

    I wish I could tolorate PT better, my poor muscles are so worked up at times, and stretching them in theory would help, it just makes me worse off. I found when I was going regular though, the pain after sessions was not as bad as it is if I go once or twice every few months. Hope this helps. Biofeedback helped me learn to relax muscles, thus helping with sex pain.


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  • Sharyn
    started a topic BioFeedback through the rectum?

    BioFeedback through the rectum?

    My Uro is reccomending this therapy. Has anyone had this done?