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Advice please!!!!

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  • ICNDonna
    Re: Advice please!!!!

    It's been a long, long time, but I had severe adhesions from an abdominal surgery --- it was so painful I couldn't stand straight. I ended up with surgery to clear them --- that was over forty years ago and the adhesions didn't come back.


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  • KatrinaE
    started a topic Advice please!!!!

    Advice please!!!!

    I consider my situation a bit complicated and was wondering if anyone has been through a similar experience. I have had IC for several years now and really wish it was just IC I was dealing with. I had surgery for endometriosis three years ago, and the pain I had went away. I also have vulvodynia and a sensitive gut. This summer I am eliminating all acidic foods to see if this will help my body. I am happy I have been able to take caffeine out of my diet😁 Over the past two years I have been dealing with bowel issues, getting a second opinion on a rectocele and looking into visceral therapy. My doctor thinks I may be dealing with adhesions from surgery which may be causing some of my bowel problems, I felt really scared today thinking of surgery again. Has anyone had adhesions from pelvic surgery? If so did you have pain from sitting and bowel issues? I have pressure to in my abdomin that is annoying. Using small dosage of noretripyline for pain management. Hope to hear from someone, thanks for reading.