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Nerve ablation or cyslosprine?

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  • Nerve ablation or cyslosprine?

    Im all flared up again and tired. Like the rest of you. Of the three therapies Nerve ablation and cyclopsrine and one other drug mentioned here.. adderell? Which of these therapies have had the better success stories? Does any of it help at all?

    Wishing you all pain free days soon.

    Nancy - newly remarried Sept 2011! Have 5 kids ages 7-22.

    Had a UTI in Oct 2009
    IC symptoms started immediately: strong urgency, little bit of burning, fullness in the bladder, urethera spasms

    Had three scopes of my bladder and one hydrodystention-this did not help at all. Found classic bleeding during the hydro. Later told almost everyones bladder bleed the test Also had a urodynamics test-normal. Did anyone have it done more than once? My newest urogynocologist does not believe

    Diagnosed fibromyalgia/lyme disease in 1999
    Acid reflux since 1998

    Have tried the following therapies:
    pelvic floor PT-relaxed the muscles but did nothing for the urgency feeling.
    Ativan-helps some
    Vicodin-some relief.
    ditropan-only caused fluid retention
    toviaz-same as abovee
    detrol-no relief
    hydroxyzine-get some relief but not for urgency
    valium-helps relax the muscles
    flexeril-same as the valium
    B&O suppositories-they help a little
    started estrogen cream
    starting effexor soon

    Had an interstim placed in 2010. Do not really notice any changes with the urgency feeling. I turned it off 6 mos ago.

    current meds and treatment:
    valium suppositories
    IC diet
    methenamine mandalate
    estrogen cream
    B&O suppositories

    Had bladder instills but this made the urethra spasms much worse.

    Had hernia repair with fundoplication dec, 2011

    Will be trying the anti inflammatory diet. Hope it works. I dont know where to start with this diet.

    Always looking for ideas on how to stop urethra spasms and urgency. Anyone in the Colorado Area? Always looking for support.

    Husband is my biggest supporter. I need the urgency to go away. What helps??